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It’s the dreaming that’s real.

I am, innately, an artist. It flows through my soul. 

My style is ‘contemporary vintage with a hint of bohemian’. I create art jewelry from glass, metal and vintage discardia. Custom amulets and miniature portraits, each with their own tale to tell.  It is my hope that they find new homes with kindred spirits.   

I learned drawing and design at Barnstone Studios and spent time sharpening my goldsmithing skills at The Baum School of Art.  I have also studied metal-casting and glasswork at the Banana Factory Cultural Arts Center.  I took what I learned and built a solid foundational blueprint to utilize throughout the crafting of each piece, ensuring its quality and longevity. 

My methodology is uniquely my own and is as sincere and authentic as each piece I create.  Between concept and completion are several visits to the saw, the grinder and the kiln.  Using melted glass, found items, silver, gold and other precious metals, I individually custom craft each piece. The result is lovingly fashioned, wearable art awash with rich color and personality. Each as beautiful and unique as you.

I recently added a home goods line, each piece designed with the customer in mind.  It includes lamps, plates & bowls and an ever evolving array of miscellanea.  Stop back regularly as you never know what’s ‘in store’.

Caco Carasmiths 

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April 2013:  Stampington Jewelry Affaire, Spring '13:  Read about Carasmiths hand-wrapped glass cabochons with a chic, vintage twist:

Stampington Jewelry Affaire Spring 2013 Carasmiths


 - Focal:  A square or round fused glass cabochon (or flat lapidary stone, cameo, etc.)

- Vintage style large filigree arte metal

- Wire: 20 gauge

- Pliers:  Round nose and nylon jaw

- Sari ribbon or other upcycled ribbon

- Ribbon end crimps/closure 


Choose a large filigree arte metal blank that’s around twice the size of your focal.  I like flower or star shaped filigree as their outline bends and acts like prongs.   Begin by centering your focal on the "wrong" side of the filigree--think about where the top will be as that portion of the filigree will be wired during your final step in order to hang your pendant.  Working on a flat non-scratch surface, apply firm pressure with your thumb to the focal keeping it centered while using your other hand to carefully bend the filigree towards you at 90 degree angles creating a folded “box.”   Go slowly as too many jerky or repetitive bends will crack your filigree.

Once you are happy that your piece is centered, complete the final folds that will secure your focal.  I use my hands to finish the bends of all but the top prong of the piece.  A nylon jaw pliers also works well, just don’t use metal pliers to prevent dings. 

To add a self-bale hanger, cut a foot of wire.  Use your round nose pliers to guide one end of the wire into the center of your final filigree prong to form a loop, then form another loop (or few) on top like a figure 8.  Wrap the remaining wire shabby chic-style around the center of your figure 8 hanger, trim and tuck in ends.  To finish, use sari ribbon with end crimps or other creative strands of lace, leather or chain.  @>~